General consultations are free.  We can arrange to meet by phone, or video chat.

  1. Select an open date.
  2. Choose a meeting time.  Be sure to leave the best number and email to reach you by.
  3. Press BOOK NOW. Your appointment confirmation will be emailed to you, including a link to Google Hangouts if we decide to go with a video chat.
  4. I will contact you on the date and time that you choose. That’s it!
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Urban Design + Media provides:

• Art Direction • Consultation • Web Design • Custom WordPress • Vector Illustration • Digital Art • Photography • Retouch • Identity • Logos • Marketing • Branding • Event Promotion • Social Media • Banner Ads • Ad Design • Commercial Print Consultation • Page Layout • Sales Collateral • B2B / B2C • Business Cards • Brochures • Catalogs • Copy Editing • And More…

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