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UrbanDesign.Media can help you create strategies to connect your brand with your ideal customer.

Customers prefer to buy products or services from brands they already feel familiar with. It is known that people look to what a brand stands for before they buy (not just price and quality) to help them choose where to put their money. This is why creating your brand should start with identifying your purpose, expressing your commitment to your mission, and demonstrating your ability to meet your customers real-world concerns. 

In a noise filled digital marketplace, people are bombarded with advertising. It therefore becomes imperative to communicate in a way that speaks directly to your customer and will differentiate you from your competition. The foundation of your brand must communicate your mission with clarity and consistency across all media platforms that your customers frequent. Because, as you know, once you get their attention, they are going to research you. 

So, where do you begin?

We have developed a Branding questionnaire to help you to clarify your mission, purpose, messaging (and more) for your brand. Take some time to fill this out, and we will send you the results. We also offer a free 20 minute consultation to review your answers together at your convenience.

We have also put together a “Customer Avatar” form to help you identify your ideal customers. This is an critical part of creating your branding and marketing. Knowing who you are speaking to, what motivates them, and what problems they have will determine how you approach your content. Take a few minutes to fill out this form as well. In fact, you might fill out this form several times over, as there are usually multiple avatars that represent your ideal client base. Your responses will be sent back to you for reference as you begin creating your marketing strategy. We are more than happy to go over your answers with you.


Start Your Branding Plan!

This form can help you create greater focus and direction.  Based on your answers I will be able to offer you helpful suggestions on your next steps!

Fill out this form for a free 20 minute branding consultation.

Create Customer Avatars!

This helpful questionnaire will help clarify your
messaging.  This process will save you frustration and time, and remove the guess-work about how to connect with your client’s real needs.

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