Choosing The Right Colors

Choosing the right colors plays a major role in the message and personality of any design or brand. While the meanings of color are largely subjective, they are critical to effective design. This article will help you to create beautiful and effective color schemes with meaning and purpose!

The Gift of Social Sharing

Every time you share an idea with others and have a discussion about it, you improve yourself and your idea. Let’s face it, no single idea is original anyway. Really, it’s true. Allowing yourself the opportunity to talk openly (even with only a trusted few) about your genius idea will bring it out of the confines of your mind into the open where it can get a chance to stand on its own merit (or not). If you want to improve yourself and your idea, sharing does just that.

Preferred WordPress Hosts

While there may be many web hosting companies that offer what looks like a “good deal”, not all of them are as good as they promise. When it comes to WordPress hosting, it is especially important to use a service that is reliable and optimized for fast performance. I could provide a list of hosts to avoid, but that wouldn’t be very nice – plus I don’t want to start a flame war. Playing it a little safe here. Let’s just say that a lot of hosts are not up to date with the most recent versions of PHP and other current technology. Therefore, many hosts out there are simply sub-par when it comes to performance.

Create a Professional Logo with Staying Power

“It is far more satisfying to have a logo created that is 100% your own. So, if I was to give one single piece of advice it would be this, be original!” As a long time designer I love helping business owners to create memorable and effective custom logos. It is one of the most rewarding aspects of my work to be a part of someone’s origin story. This makes me wonder, who was the graphic designer that designed Batman’s logo? I wonder if the Justice league has an in house designer. But, I digress.

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