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(Example: - All American colors with simple interface that is easy to read and quickly use.)

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Ideal Customer Profile

Your level of success with your website is dependent upon how well you understand the customers that you are marketing to. That is why it is critically important to have a clear description who your ideal customer is. Let's dive into some of the basics here.

Don’t just assume that you know the age and gender of your ideal customer. Make sure that you are considering the actual demographics of your customers. If you are wrong in your assumption, you would end up marketing to a less-profitable demographic.

Income levels are helpful when trying to create your marketing. For example: If the people who buy from you the most are middle class families, it might make more sense to market your product or services as “affordable” rather than “luxurious”.

Describe your clients personality traits. Are your typical clients more outgoing or more introverted? Do your clients purchase from you when they are celebrating something or doing something they hate to do? Dig in a little.

It is possible that your typical customers share particular worldviews that are not directly related to what you are selling. They may be committed to environmental issues, spiritual outlooks, enjoy types of music, or similar political beliefs. Speak to this a little.

This helps to understand what motivates your clients, and how to appeal to their interests.

Customers don’t buy products or services. They buy solutions. What immediate result will they receive realize from buying your product or service?

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