It is time to get crystal clear about what you are really communicating to your potential clients! The following questions will help to clarify your message, and help to save you frustration and time, by removing the guess-work about how to connect with your customer's needs.


First tell me about you!

Include Area Code and Phone Number (555) 444-3333

This avatar is like a real person. Give them a name; Jon, Sandra, Phillip, Susan …you decide, but make them real in your mind. maybe even find a picture on the internet, of someone who you think looks like them in your mind. What does Jake want, Jill’s goals, her values? What’s their gender, age, marital status, children, location, interests and passions, occupation, job title, annual income, education, etc.

What does your client want right now? What are some of their current life goals?

What drives your avatar? What gets them interested, motivated and excited?

It is possible that your avatar has particular worldviews that are not directly related to what you are selling. They may be committed to environmental issues, spiritual outlooks, enjoy types of music, or similar political beliefs. Speak to this a little.

What is your avatar's biggest sources of pain? (Identify the top 3 at least). What are the obstacles facing them? What are the things that keeps them up at night? What frustrates them every day?

You have to go beyond the obvious. Pain is day-to-day, what scares your avatar? While they are facing near term (immediate) pain, what is the issue is accelerating towards them? (What are the dangers coming?)

What are the top objections that your avatar is going to raise? Is your avatar the decision maker, or are there others? (Document, and come back to these as you gain a better understanding of your avatar).

What does your avatar's life look like after they successfully use your product or service? (Do not list the benefits or the journey to get there, but tell me about the destination.) Paint a picture of what has changed. What new opportunities are opened now for your avatar?

What would your avatar's life look like if they do not uses your product or service? If they try to do it on their own? What would be your avatar's biggest frustration of this approach or cost? How much time lost? What would be the cost? What are the lost opportunities?

Go into “a day in the life” of your Avatar. Identify any Books, Magazines, Blogs / Websites, Conferences, Experts, or anything else that your Avatar would use to research when focused on your product or service. Write these down for each category. (This is foundational for ads and keyword targeting.)

Pick the most significant example you have of the transformation you provide, and write about it here. This proof is more valuable than any marketing or sales pitch.

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